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Thank you from St Mary's SVDP

The following message has been sent to Mr Cecil who co-ordinates the SVDP in St John's RC High School:

A big thank you

Hi John Paul, Happy new year, and I hope you had a nice break.
Can you please say a huge thank you from St Mary's SVDP to all the staff and pupils for their support for SVDP and the Community Cafe over Christmas.  Your fundraising and grocery donations will ensure that many people do not go hungry for the next few months - we were all absolutely blown away by your generosity.
A big thank you also, to all the pupils and staff who helped with the Cafe's Christmas lunch.  It was a fantastic day and the guys are all still talking about it.  The food was great, and it was lovely to have special touches such as the brass band and the Christmas music, and also for the pupils to be serving the dinner.  So many of our customers are struggling with problems of poverty, addiction, isolation and mental health issues, and do not receive the respect from others that every human being should, so it was very special for them to be treated with such courtesy and care.  It felt very much like Christianity in action.  The gifts of hats and gloves were also very much appreciated - I don't think we could have thought of anything more useful.
I do hope you and some of the pupils will keep in touch.  Your contribution has made a huge difference to us and it is great to see the whole community coming together to help each other.
Many thanks and best wishes.