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School Uniform



All pupils are expected to wear school uniform as follows:

Boys:  Black blazer with school badge; black trousers, white shirt; black pullover (not crewneck); school tie; black shoes (not trainers).

Girls:  Black blazer with school badge; black skirt or trousers; white blouse; black pullover (not crewneck); school tie; black tights; black shoes.

NB Trainers etc are not acceptable as normal footwear except in PE class.

Winter Wear

Overcoats and anoraks should be navy blue or black.  The school recognises that parents may wish that their daughters wear dress trousers in school colour in inclement weather.

We ask that parents and pupils co-operate in the matter of uniform.  The wearing of School Uniform indicates a wish to share in the ethos of the school and shows pride in belonging to St John’s RC High School.

The following items can be purchased at Be Schoolwear,1-3 Meadowshide, Dundee, DD1 1LW. 01382 200926


from My Clothing online


Blazer (Woollen)

Blazer (Polyester)



V-necked sweatshirt with school badge



 A specially designed senior tie is available from the school and is part of the uniform for pupils in Fifth and Sixth years.  Sixth year students wear braiding in the school colours on their blazers.