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Senior Phase SQA Examinations 30th April - 4th June 2018

17 April 2018

Senior Phase SQA Examinations 30th April - 4th June 2018

I am writing to inform you that Dundee City Council’s Children & Family Services, has agreed that all pupils in S4 and S5 sitting one or more National 5 or Higher SQA examination/s will be entitled to examination preparation time during this year’s SQA Examination Diet, as will all S6 pupils. Pupils in S4 and S5 being presented at National 3 and National 4 levels do not sit a final examination and should attend school as normal throughout the SQA Examination Diet.

This year’s SQA Examination Preparation Period begins on Friday 4th May and ends on Tuesday 29th May (both dates inclusive). Senior pupils should return to school on Wednesday 30th May.  This will coincide with our change of timetable for academic session 2018-19, which will begin for our present S1-S3 pupils on Tuesday 29th May 2018.

If any pupil has an exam out with the exam preparation period then they are permitted to prepare at home the day before the examination and will be excused from classes on the day of the examination.  This comes into effect from Friday 27th April 2018.

Please note the following points in relation to the examination timetable:-

1.  During this Examination Preparation Period, pupils should use their free time for extra study and examination preparation. The Learning Centre (Library) will be available for any pupil who wishes to study in school.  

2. Since school is a normal working environment throughout the examination period all examination candidates are asked to ensure that they wear full school uniform for all examinations and all other visits to the school.

3. Friday 25th May is an in-service day for staff and a holiday for most pupils. Monday 28th May is a holiday for all staff and most pupils. Examinations are taking place on both days and your son/daughter may be involved.

Please check your son/daughter’s examination timetable carefully:- 

Friday 25th – N5 Accounting (am) / N5 Health & Food Technology (pm)

Monday 28th – N5, Higher & A Higher RMPS (am) / N5 Practical Woodworking (pm)

4. All pupils will be issued with the booklet “Your Exams 2018” this week, which provides information relating to SQA’s examination procedures which must be adhered. An electronic pdf version is available via the SQA website and will also be posted on our @StJohnsOfficial Twitter feed. Should you have any queries at all in relation to the SQA examinations then please contact the school. (01382 307060)

Please note that if your son/daughter is prevented from attending an examination due to illness it is essential that you contact the school office as early as possible on the morning of the examination and then arrange for a Fit Note to be obtained from your GP. This should be sent into the school within 3 days of the examination missed.

5. On no account must electronic devices (e.g. mobile phones, smart watches or tablets) be taken into the examination room.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our young people every success in their examinations.

Fiona McLagan

 (Head Teacher)