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Getting It Right For Every Child

The Scottish Government has published a leaflet about a new law - the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 - and how it will help children, young people and their families to get more support if they need it.

You can access this leaflet by clicking on the link below:


Getting it right for every child - update

The Scottish Government is currently consulting on detailed guidance that supports parts of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. This Act is a new law that will give children, young people and their families extra support and will encourage everyone to talk about children’s wellbeing using the same words. The consultation on the guidance is due to run until 1 May. It is mainly aimed at the people who support your child – including parents’ organisations – but individual parents are welcome to get involved if they wish. You can take part in the consultation via this link:




India Village Project - Fundraiser

After all our hard work fund-raising last year we are not doing too much this term. 

However, following the visit of our Indian Brothers we have been approached by a theatre company called Act IV to support their next theatre production and they will donate the funds raised from the sale of tickets and programmes etc. on the first night to our Project.

They have asked for us to sell 150 tickets, for the first night only for the show, on Wednesday 6th May 2015 in the Gardyne Theatre. The production that they will present on that night and for a further 3 nights is “UP POMPEII ", please see the attached poster. 

We have been allocated 150 tickets to sell, and we would be delighted if you could help either by selling tickets for us of by buying tickets and coming along to enjoy the show. 

As you can guess, the more tickets we sell the more profit we make. The show is on a similar vein to the Frankie Howard version and is designed to entertain. It is suitable for the family just not youngsters of toddler age. 

Tickets are available at a cost of £12.00 each from Charlotte Jones in St. John's RC High School:

We would be grateful for any support you can offer.

God bless

Brother Douglas and CJones


Mary Slessor Writing Competition

Mary Slessor Writing Competition

S2 pupils have been invited to submit entries. There will be 2 categories-fiction and non-fiction. This is to reflect the new school curriculum.  It enables equal importance to be given to fiction and non-fiction in the new exam structure and to equalise gender differences. Word limit 800 words.

The aims are:

  • To promote a wider awareness of Mary Slessor, her life, times and her accomplishments through a fictional narrative.

  • To honour a Dundee weaver who gave a powerful example of the impact women can make in adversity.

  • To provide a personal insight into Mary’s struggle to be accepted as a missionary. To highlight the culture and practices she faced in Calabar.

  • To inspire pride in the City of Dundee in the young people taking part in the competition.

The choice of genre will be left to the writers. Some pupils may wish to enter a play script, poetry, a fictional narrative, newspaper article or other forms as it suits individual styles and strengths.

Good luck to all our entrants!

India Village Project

A very big thank you to everyone for the support and help with all of the fund raising events that we have had in aid of the IVP since August. We at St John’s have boosted the projects funds by over £2,300 since the Brother’s visit in November (Staff Lunch, Christmas Fayre,

Calendars/Christmas Cards and Christmas CD). On Tuesday 13th January the trustees of The India Village Project transferred to the Marist Brothers in India £10,494.00.

This will purchase:

1 Science equipment for a Biology Lab - £1,164

2 Science equipment for a Physics Lab - £1,530

3 Desks and chairs for 2 new Class Rooms - £4,750

4 Equipment for a Computer Lab - £1,050

5 Matriculation fees for pupils to attend a new Nursery and Primary School - £2,000

All of the Brothers are extremely grateful for all our efforts and send you their best wishes. Brothers Chinna and Raj send their best wishes along with their gratitude and thanks for our kindness, friendship and hospitality afforded to them when they were over here visiting.

The dedicated website for the India Village Project can be accessed at:



Thank you from St Mary's SVDP

The following message has been sent to Mr Cecil who co-ordinates the SVDP in St John's RC High School:

A big thank you

Hi John Paul, Happy new year, and I hope you had a nice break.
Can you please say a huge thank you from St Mary's SVDP to all the staff and pupils for their support for SVDP and the Community Cafe over Christmas.  Your fundraising and grocery donations will ensure that many people do not go hungry for the next few months - we were all absolutely blown away by your generosity.
A big thank you also, to all the pupils and staff who helped with the Cafe's Christmas lunch.  It was a fantastic day and the guys are all still talking about it.  The food was great, and it was lovely to have special touches such as the brass band and the Christmas music, and also for the pupils to be serving the dinner.  So many of our customers are struggling with problems of poverty, addiction, isolation and mental health issues, and do not receive the respect from others that every human being should, so it was very special for them to be treated with such courtesy and care.  It felt very much like Christianity in action.  The gifts of hats and gloves were also very much appreciated - I don't think we could have thought of anything more useful.
I do hope you and some of the pupils will keep in touch.  Your contribution has made a huge difference to us and it is great to see the whole community coming together to help each other.
Many thanks and best wishes.

Mark Stewart meeting with our S1 SFA Performance Players

We were very pleased to welcome former pupil Mark Stewart to St John's on Tuesday 7th October 2014. Mark spent time speaking to our S1 pupils at assembly and made them aware of how rewarding hard work can be. Mark left St John's in 2012 having gained 5 highers and entry into university. He is an accomplished cyclist and has been Dundee, Scottish and is currently British Cycling Champion. His speciality is the 'Points' event which involves cycling 160 laps of the track, and every 10th lap is a sprint lap. Mark is hoping to join the Great Britain team in order to pursue his dream of making the British Olympic team. Good luck Mark...make it happen!

P7 - S1 Transition News

P7/S1 Transition Events


Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th March 2016

Business/Modern Languages Day


We will hold our first transition event which will allow the young people to visit St John's on one of the above dates and meet and work with their peers from our associated primary schools.  The focus of these days will be Business and Modern Languages.  The date the young people will visit will be confirmed with the primary school and the young people will receive a letter with the arrangements for the day.



Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th May 2016

Science Day


The young people who will be joining us in August will be invited to visit St John's on one of the above dates to participate in our Science Day.  This will allow the young people to be introduced to our Science Department staff and participate in workshops in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  The young people will also meet and work with their peers from other primary schools who will also join us in August.  The date the young people will visit will be confirmed with the primary school and the young people will receive a letter with the arrangements for the day.



Tuesday 7th, Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th June 2016

P7/S1 Induction Days


The young people who will be joining us in August will be invited to our Induction Days at St John's on the above dates.  They will be assigned a Tutor Class and meet their Tutor Teacher and Guidance Teacher.  Timetables will be issued and these will be followed during the three induction days.  Arrangements for the Induction Days will be given to the young people when they visit St John's for the Science Day in May.

School Open As Normal

St John's RC High School will be open as normal on Monday 15 December 2014. The problem with the heating which forced the closure of the school on Friday has now been resolved.


The heating system in St John's RC High School has failed and as a result we have no heating or hot water.

The decision has therefore been made to close the school today at 12.55 pm - Friday 12 December 2014 and send all pupils home.

All parents/carers have been contacted by school staff to ensure that it is safe to send their child home.  Any child whoose parent/carer cannot be contacted will be looked after in school until the normal end of the school day - 3.25 pm.

In the event of there still being a problem with the heating system on Monday 15 December 2014, advice on whether the school is open or closed will appear both here on the school website and on Dundee City Council main website.