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Modern Languages Parental Questionnaire

We are always looking for ways to improve in the MFL Department and we welcome parents’ feedback. We would appreciate you filling in the short survey linked below.

To log in use your child’s school log in with a ‘p’ in front and his/her password.
For example
ddjsmith123              becomes                 pddjsmith123

Sportathon 2017

120 children and 11 members of staff endured a 12-hour stint of non-stop sporting activity last Wednesday night into the early hours of Thursday morning. (8th/9th February 2017)

All participants had a fantastic time and did exceptionally well by raining in excess of £3000.

A special mention to Tesco Kingsway and Domions City Quay for donating much needed refreshments during the night.

Business and Languages Workshops 2016

The Business and Languages workshops took place on the 9th December.  The workshops involved 120 young people in S3, all of whom are studying either French or Spanish, and most of whom are also studying Business.  They were supported by staff in the school, including Rosario Pacheco-Cobos, Principal Teacher of Modern Languages, Louise McCafferty, Principal Teacher of Business Education (me!), Louise Davidson, Teacher of Business Education, Nadège Millet and Julie McKinnon (Teachers of Modern Languages), Anneta Kata, Learning Support Department and Andrew Laing, Careers Advisor.

A series of talks and workshops was delivered by a range of businesses and organisations, including SCILT (The Scottish Centre for Languages), Dundee Rep Theatre, Tokheim, Michelin, Glamis Castle and Dundee, Angus College and Dr Gary Mulholland, Associate Director of Innovation and Enterprise at the University of Abertay Business School. There was also representation from Developing the Young Workforce.

The young people had the opportunity to hear a keynote introduction delivered by Dundee Rep.  They broke into groups and rotated around each of the talks and workshops delivered by the above businesses and organisations.  The intention of this experience was to enable young people to make links between the Languages and Business subjects that they are studying, and to recognise the relevance of the skills that they are learning.  They had the opportunity to develop their understanding of the role of languages in the business environment and to gain an understanding of some cultural differences when conducting business in different countries.  This will enable them to make links between the work they are doing in school and its purpose in their future careers.  Attending the talks and workshops also enabled them to develop a range of skills which will be essential for their future, including literacy, team-work and interpersonal skills, as well as languages and business skills.  

These workshops were a further development of work which Louise McCafferty and Rosario Pacheco-Cobos have been driving forward for three years now.  The original work was a partnership with the University of Dundee Humanities Faculty, and in conjunction with them, we organised a Business and Languages event in which all local authority secondary schools in Dundee participated.  We were awarded the British Academy Schools Language Award for Scotland for this work, and the funding which we received enabled us to run a similar event again earlier this year.  It has also enabled us to develop a partnership with the University of Abertay Computing and Business departments, and earlier this year a group of young people spent two days working with students and lecturers to develop and market an app for visitors to Dundee, which incorporated the use of European languages. This year we were also involved in delivering a Business and Languages transition event for our cluster primary schools, based on the event organised at the University of Dundee.


We are very keen to continue to promote the importance of studying Business and Languages  and the relevance of these subjects for the future workforce in the city.  Our work has also enabled us to promote Dundee as a city for work and leisure and the app which the young people started to develop generated considerable interest from the business community.

Sportathon 2017

The Sportathon is on tonight ( Wednesday 8th February) through to the early hours of tomorrow morning (Thursday 9th February). 7pm - 7am. Good Luck to all involved.

Harry Potter Book Night 2017

Harry Potter Book Night 2017

Ravensclaw Winners

On Tuesday 7th February we celebrated Harry Potter Book Night. The quiz tested the pupils' knowledge  of all the Harry Potter books. It was a hard fought battle but Ravensclaw came out top. Well done and thank you to everyone who took part.


Non- Uniform Day Wednesday 8th February 2017

Non-Uniform Day tomorrow (Wednesday 8th February). Cost £1 to raise funds for school.

Dundee Secondary Schools S1-S6 Dance Competition

We have three teams competing in the above event on Thursday 2nd March at the Caird Hall. Your support would be much appreciated. Buy your tickets here:

Dundee Active Schools Schools S1 - S3 Table Tennis competition

Ewan, Matthew and Jacob represented St John's in the Dundee Active Schools Schools S1 - S3 Table Tennis competition and finished in 1st place with Harris and Baldragon finishing 2nd and 3rd. It was the first time that St John's have won this Trophy.

Book Club Burns Quiz January 2017

The Book Club held a Burns Quiz last night. Well done to the winners, Ruth and Valerie.

Rotary Club Public Speaking Competition


Miss Cameron’s S1 pupils will be taking part in a Public Speaking Competition organised by The Rotary Club of Dundee. The event will take place on Wednesday 15th February 2017 in the Learning Centre here at St John’s. Good Luck!