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Dundee Schools Athletics 2013

St John's RC High School Medal Winners at the recent Dundee Secondary Schools Athletics Championships 2013 were as follows:

  • Matthew Tonner - 800m Bronze and 1500m Bronze
  • Jonathan Cartwright - Long Jump Gold
  • Josh Petrie - Shot Putt Bronze
  • Jeremy Addie-Pepe - 100m Silver and 200m Gold
  • Nathan Burns - 200m Bronze
  • Dylan McCulloch - Long Jump Silver
  • Daniels Barilaks - Shot Putt Silver
  • Charlotte Watson - 100m Gold
  • Halima Kolo - High Jump Silver
  • Olivia Adam - 800m Bronze

Team of Charlotte Watson, Fiona Ramsay, Halimo Kolo and Roybn Hart - 4 x 100m Bronze

Congratulations to all who competed!


Sports Day Champions

The Sports Chamions for 2013 are as follows:

 1  Ena Digba
 2  Aimee Hay
 3  Hope Goodman
 1  Jeremy Addai-Pepe
 2  Dylan Mculloch
 3  Nathan Burns
 1  Maria Akunna
 2  Brooke Ireland
 3  Niamh Leighton
  1  Taylor Carroll
  2  Mate Csetenyi
 3  Aodhan Connor
  1 Charlotte Watson
  2 Fiona Ramsey
  3 Lucy Kerr
  1 Matthew Tonner
  2 Reece Harris
  3 Stewart Cattanach


India Race Night

A very big thank you  to all who attended the recent race night in aid of the India Village Project. £1204 was raised in total.

Little Sisters of the Poor - 150 years in the service of the elderly in Dundee

Thank you to everyone involved in the recent non uniform day and cake sale to raise money for the Little Sisters of the Poor. We were able to hand over a cheque to the sisters for £1000, due to the kindness and generosity of all pupils, parents/carers and staff.
We have received a lovely letter of thanks from the Sisters who were delighted with our contribution and also our attendance at their celebrations. A special mention was given to Nicole Vasey for her solo performance. In total, Catholic schools in Dundee donated £2200 to the Sisters for the 150th celebrations.
Many thanks again.

Tesco - Thank you!

St John's RC High School and our associated feeder primary schools would like to offer a very big thank you to Tesco Extra, Riverside Drive, Dundee for their very kind donations of discontinued items of school clothing and footwear.

These generous donations have enabled us to offer  extra help to some of the families in our community who are really struggling to provide these items for their children in these difficult financial times.

Recently released figures indicate that 1 in 5 children in Scotland are living in poverty, so this extra help from the management and staff of Tesco Extra Riverside and in particular, their Community Champion - Mrs Kathryn Torode is greatly appreciated.

Curriculum for Excellence (CfE)

Please click on the link to the pages about Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) for more information about how this change to the curriculum in Scotland is being delivered in St John's RC High School, locally and nationally.