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Updated School Uniform Policy

Dear Parents/Carers

 Thank you for your participation in the recent survey relating to uniform.  We have looked closely at the responses from you, from our pupils and our staff.  With 165 responses from parents and carers, 278 responses from pupils and 60 responses from staff, we have been able to put together a policy which will have the widest possible support across our community.  The responses across all groups show that a uniform policy has the overwhelmingly support of all of us.

Click here to view our updated policy which includes links to suppliers and a link to the Dundee Clothing Grant.  The uniform remains much the same as it currently is, but we have been clearer about some items.  Essentially, we are looking for everything to be plain black, except the white shirt.  We want any jumper to allow for the tie to be seen.  There’s also a reminder that ties can be purchased via ParentPay (and then picked up at the school office).  The PE department have also had their own consultation with pupils and have launched a new PE uniform to support this.  We encourage rather than require this, but it is essential that all our young people do come to PE with appropriate kit.

Uniform is an important indication to us that your child is ready to learn.  We want every young person to come to this school proud to be a part of our community, and to give their all to make it a great place to learn.  This uniform policy is as inexpensive as possible, and we are always ready to help if there are any issues relating to this.  If you experience difficulties, please speak with your child’s Guidance Teacher.

With every good wish for a wonderful summer with your child,

Seán P Hagney

Head Teacher