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Pupil Protocol

St John’s RC High SchoolHealth & Safety Protocol


The school’s priorities will always be to adhere to strict hygiene guidelines and social distancing. 


  • Pupils should as far as possible maintain social distancing at all times
  • Pupils should enter the building through the pupil entrance and use the hand sanitiser located on the wall or table 
  • Where pupils are being dropped off, this should be out with the school grounds.  Parent/carers should not enter the school grounds personally or with their vehicle


  • Pupils should use the hand sanitisers on departure 
  • When pupils are being picked up, this should be done out with the school grounds


  • All areas being used by staff and pupils will be provided with appropriate PPE.  This will include gloves, hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes, and sprays. 


  • Pupils will be given an antibacterial wipe to wipe down their desk, chair and working area. A disposable bag will be provided to place wipes in
  • Pupils should remain seated at their desk and not move around the classroom.  The teacher will be the only person who has free movement around the classroom
  • At the end of the lesson, pupils should remain seated until directed by the teacher
  • Pupils should follow the one-way system while moving around the building at any time


  • Break will be staggered and access to the cafeteria at lunchtime will be on an allocated basis


  • Pupils will be encouraged to use the toilet at break and lunchtimes and going to the toilet during class time will be for emergencies only.



  • Please follow all hygiene rules
  • Please remain in your own seat
  • Please use your own stationery
  • Please wipe down your work area on arrival and departure
  • Please put wipes in the disposable bag provided
  • Please follow all social distancing rules