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School Contact

Our phones are now redirected to our Balgarthno CSC Hub 01382 307060

The phone lines are open  between 8.00am and 4pm.

Emails remain monitored by office staff Monday to Friday between 8.15am and 4pm

Free School Meal Arrangements

Dundee City Council is confirming its arrangements for free school meals while pupils remain at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.


A direct weekly payment of £11.25 per child will be made into the accounts of

families who qualify, where the council holds bank details.


If the council does not hold a family’s bank details and they are eligible, they may receive a text message asking them to contact the council.


However, if people haven’t received a text message and they think their child may be eligible, please contact the council at or call 01382 433458.


A total of 6,892 children will be covered by the Dundee scheme, which begins next



Included are all children in a nursery which is part of the additional hours pilot scheme and any child in a nursery who would usually receive free school meals


Of pupils in P1-3, only those who receive the school clothing grant will qualify. Payments will be made for pupils from P4 to S6 based on free school meals entitlement.


Vouchers will be available as a safety net in case bank details for some families cannot be confirmed.


The cost for a 14 week period until the end of term on June 26, or earlier if restrictions are ended, would be £1,085,490. This will be paid for partly by the council’s share of the Scottish Government’s Food Fund.


Payments will be backdated until March 23, the date from which the council was unable to provide a normal free school meals service.  


Council leader John Alexander said: “This payment will be a practical help for families to put food on the table during extremely challenging times.  


“We know that free school meals have a positive impact for these pupils and we have developed a scheme which is simple and convenient.


“The establishment of Community Support Centres and a food distribution centre show how we are working hard to assist vulnerable people.


“Free school meals also have an important role to play, with these payments making a real difference for families across Dundee.”                                          

SQA Update 10th April 2020

10 April 2020


Dear Parent/Carer





I write to provide you with the latest information from the SQA regarding the certification of National Courses and Awards.   Following a statement by the Chief Examiner on 2 April 2020, the SQA has issued a Guide for Learners, Parents and Carers which I attach. 


The key points from the SQA Chief Examiner are:


1. Schools have been asked to provide an estimate of the grade and band for all learners entered for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses by 29 May 2020.  
2. The SQA will provide schools with more detailed guidance on how to determine and submit estimate grades by 20 April 2020.  
3. The SQA will not mark any coursework which has already been submitted by schools or remains in schools and will no longer be uplifted for National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher courses.   In addition, schools will not submit marks for coursework which has already been internally assessed.
4. In National 2, National 3 and National 4 Qualifications - schools will assess all units and submit a pass/fail result by 22 May 2020.
5. Schools must retain all assessment evidence in connection with National 2, National 3 and National 4 Qualifications, Free standing Units at SCQF levels 5, 6, 7, National Certificates, National Progression Awards, Skills for Work Courses and SQA Awards until December 2020.


Teachers will be taking account of a wide range of assessment evidence, including pupils’ work throughout the year, and not just pupils’ results in earlier Prelim Examinations.  Importantly, teachers/schools will also be considering assessment evidence and attainment data which shows improvement by learners following Prelim Examinations. This is an important point to note which you may wish to discuss with your child.  


I know that this is an anxious time for you, as parents, and for our young people, but would ask that you trust us.   We know our young people very well and we will work through all of the advice provided by the SQA to ensure that their achievements are rightly and fairly recognised.  On that note, I would appreciate your help with a very important matter.  Please do not ask any member of staff for your child’s estimate grade.  As stated, we still await more detailed guidance from the SQA on how we determine and submit estimate grades.   As outlined in the statement from the SQA Chief Examiner, the SQA will “adjust estimates where necessary, to ensure consistency both across the country and in comparison to previous years.” 


With sincere thanks for your continued support.


Yours sincerely