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Parental Involvement and Engagement Census


Dundee City Council Children and Families Service is committed to working with and strengthening relationships between our schools and families, and therefore we are participating in a Scottish Government Initiative to survey all parents and carers regarding their engagement and involvement with their child’s school.

Parents and carers are by far the most important influence on children’s lives. Research shows that when parents are involved in their child's learning, children do better at school and throughout their lives. We would like to get an idea of how you feel about your child's school and to give you a chance to reflect on the partnerships you are experiencing.

The survey we are asking you to complete is available online and expected to take less than 10 minutes to answer. There are separate surveys for primary, secondary and special schools. You can access the surveys at the following links:

Primary School Parent Survey (link is external)

Secondary School Parent Survey (link is external)

Kingspark School Parent Survey (link is external)

You will also be sent a text message from your child’s school with the link to the survey.

Could you please complete the survey by Friday, 5th July 2019.

Parental engagement is recognised in the National Improvement Framework as one of seven key drivers in achieving excellence and equity in Scottish education. The engagement of parents and families can help raise attainment for all and help to ensure every child has an equal chance of success.

Your views are important to us, because they will provide us with a gauge of our areas of strength and help us focus our improvement and development strategies on the areas you feel are most important for you and your family.  This is part of our continual drive to improve the performance of Dundee’s schools and ensure they provide the best education possible for our children. We will provide schools with a summary of the survey results. We will be careful how we present any information in tables, to keep your answers confidential and we will not share personal information.

We value all of your responses and will use them to plan for our next steps in parental engagement opportunities and programmes.

The personal data you provide within this Survey will only be stored by Dundee City Council until August 2019. The anonymised statistical information will be retained electronically for 15 years and shared internally with Senior Management and Parent Councils Chairs to help focus our improvement and development strategies on the areas you feel are most important for you and your family.

As this is a National Survey, Dundee City Council will then secure transfer the data to the Scottish Government who will use it “To inform planning and provision of education and where necessary, with the potential linkage of such data to other data sources.  Researchers or charities may be interested in applying for access to education data to meet their own research needs.”

This Survey is voluntary, you can choose whether to take part or not, you can opt out at any time or use the ‘Prefer not to answer’ for any question. The full Privacy Statement is available to download here:

Thank you.

Paul Clancy, executive director, Dundee City Council children and families service.

National Technologies Network - IMPORTANT - letter from Police Scotland

Dear Parent or Guardian,
Across the country, young people are increasingly being asked by fraudsters to receive and send money through their own bank accounts, sometimes keeping some of the cash for themselves.  This is commonly known as being a money mule.
Criminals need money mules to launder the profits of their crimes.  Mules will usually be unaware of where the money comes from – often fraud and scams – and that it can go on to fund crimes such as drug dealing and people trafficking. 
Fraudsters will approach young people online or in person, including through social media, and at school, college or sports clubs.  Sometimes it’s people they know who persuade them to become a money mule, often because they are also doing it. 
Being a money mule is illegal.
When someone is caught, their bank account will be closed, and they will have problems getting student loans, mobile phone contracts and credit in the future.  They could even face arrest for money laundering which carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison. 
We need your help to warn young people about the dangers and consequences of becoming a money mule.  
Tell-tale signs that someone might be involved include them suddenly having extra cash, buying expensive new clothes or top-of-the-range mobile phones and gadgets with very little explanation as to how they got the money. They may also become secretive, withdrawn or appear stressed.
You can find out more information and advice by visiting
If you are worried that someone close to you might be caught up in money mulling, you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or Victim Support on 08 08 16 89 111.
You can also report a fraud in Scotland to Police Scotland by calling 101.
Please do not attempt to contact any individual you suspect of being involved in money muling.

Review of School Meal Legislation

Tayside Contracts, the school meal provider, has designed a short questionnaire to gain your feedback on school meals. The link for this questionnaire is available until the 15th April 2019.

This is an opportunity for you to provide your comments, suggestions and feedback.

Extra Curricular Clubs

Look out for our new Extra Curricular Clubs Timetable and our Active Schools Timetable.

Extra Curricular Clubs Timetable

Active Schools Timetable


St John's RC High School Parent/Carer Questionnaire

Your views about the school

Questions for parents/carers

We will shortly be visiting your child’s school to review how well pupils are learning and achieving and how well the school supports young people to do their best.

We would like you to give us your views about the school by answering some questions. Your views are important to us, because they will form part of the evidence we collect in the review. We will give the school a summary of the results of all questionnaire responses. We will not give your name in any information we share with others. We will be careful in how we present any information in tables, to keep your answers confidential. We may use the information for statistical purposes.


The questions will take around 15 minutes to answer.


Please read each statement and choose the answer that best describes your experience of the school as a whole.


If you have more than one child at the school, please answer in relation to your eldest child only.


Thank you for giving us your views. 


Dundee City Council Education Support Team


Click here to take part in the questionnaire.

P7-S1 Transition Programme

Find out about our P7-S1 Transition Programme here.

P7-S1 Drama Transition Programme

Find out more about our exciting P7-S1 Drama Transition Programme here.

Investing in Vocabulary

Did you know that children with wide vocabularies make excellent progress at school and in further education? We have invested in an innovative literacy improvement tool called Bedrock Vocabulary. The aims of the programme are:

1. To ensure students read aspirational fiction and non-fiction texts regularly.

2. To equip students with the deep vocabulary knowledge required for the increasingly demanding curriculum.

3. To build students’ confidence, cultural frame of reference and efficacy for life beyond the school gates.

Find out more here

George R Donald Schools Enterprise Challenge


The George Donald Schools Challenge creates a wonderful opportunity for local businesses to work with our young people, helping to ignite their passion for business and enterprise.

This year’s event took place on 31 October at Michelin Athletic Club, where 12 teams from various Dundee and Angus Secondary Schools tackled a live business challenge in a competitive environment and up against tight deadlines!

This year’s challenge was to come up with a business idea for a circular economy business.  Our team had to design 2 posters containing specified information, they were then asked to make a short presentation to a panel of judges representing the Chamber of Commerce GR Donald Fund.

We received support throughout the event from our local business mentor, Corah Edgar from Blackadders Solicitors

The winning team were Arbroath High School with their shell recycling scheme.  Despite not winning overall, the 4 participants from St John’s RC High School had a fantastic business idea, worked exceptionally well as a team and really enjoyed the experience.