About NPA Level 5 Computer Games Development





Computer Games:  Design

F915 11


Computer Games:  Media Assets

F916 11


Computer Games:  Development

F917 11


The above units are mandatory, therefore you must successfully complete each of the units to achieve the award.  Completion of all units gives an NPA with a value of 18 SCQF credit points at level 5.

The National Progression Award (NPA) in Computer Games Development is intended to prepare you for progression to further study in Computer Games Development, Digital Media Studies, Computing Science and IT subjects.  The award provides a foundation in the knowledge and skills of Computer Games Development that will be necessary if you intend to alter specialise in aspects of Computer Games Development, Digital Media Studies, Computing Science and IT subjects.


Computer Games:  Design

You will acquire an understanding of the concepts and fundamental principles involved in digital gaming planning and design.  You learn how to recognise and distinguish differences between numerous gaming platforms, environments and genres.  You will plan and design a level in a digital game and be introduced to the role of the games designer.  You will investigate emerging technologies in gaming and analyse how this technology will affect games and peoples’ expectations of games.  You will evaluate design methods used in the planning and design stages involved in the production of a digital game.  You will plan and design a digital game to a given brief.

Computer Games:  Media Assets

You will acquire an understanding of the different types of media asset required for developing a digital game.  You will learn how to plan and produce media assets for use in a game development environment.

Computer Games:  Development

You will gain an understanding of the processes involved in the final stages of development of a digital game.  You will learn how to use your chosen game development environment to bring together all the parts and produce a working game.  You will develop a test strategy then test the game thoroughly, recording the results.  You will gain an understanding of the evaluation process and complete a user review of a game that applies a scoring/rating system.  You will then go on to plan, create and deliver a promotional activity. 


You will create an electronic portfolio of your work.  The portfolio will be constructed over the duration of each unit within the course.  The contents of the portfolio will be clearly labelled and related to specific evidence requirements.


Completion of this award will allow candidate to progress to Level 6 NPA in Computer Games Development or to a full NC Award in Digital Media Computing at college.


Employers increasingly expect candidates to be able to think critically, solve problems and work in a group or team.  These skills are considered to be essential for working in a modern business environment.  The ability to communicate effectively is often quoted in many current job advertisements, as is the ability to present information accurately.

Candidates who demonstrate the basic core skills couples with an understanding of the use of digital technology are more likely to gain employment than those with just IT skills.