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George R Donald Schools Enterprise Challenge


The George Donald Schools Challenge creates a wonderful opportunity for local businesses to work with our young people, helping to ignite their passion for business and enterprise.

This year’s event took place on 31 October at Michelin Athletic Club, where 12 teams from various Dundee and Angus Secondary Schools tackled a live business challenge in a competitive environment and up against tight deadlines!

This year’s challenge was to come up with a business idea for a circular economy business.  Our team had to design 2 posters containing specified information, they were then asked to make a short presentation to a panel of judges representing the Chamber of Commerce GR Donald Fund.

We received support throughout the event from our local business mentor, Corah Edgar from Blackadders Solicitors

The winning team were Arbroath High School with their shell recycling scheme.  Despite not winning overall, the 4 participants from St John’s RC High School had a fantastic business idea, worked exceptionally well as a team and really enjoyed the experience.