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Support for Learning Department


Mrs A. Fergusson (Principal Teacher)                             Mrs N. Henry (ASNA)

Miss T. Grimes                                                                   Miss C. Smith (ASNA)

Mr M. Ryan                                                                         Mrs J. Muir (ASNA)

Mrs A. Kata                                                                        Miss S Devine (ASNA)

Miss F. Campbell                                                               Miss K Galloway (ASNA)

Mrs S. Mackenzie (BPSS - ESOL)                                      Miss J Mackie

                                                                                              Mrs C Prior

                                                                                              Miss L Pullar

The Support for Learning department work alongside pupils, staff and parents to ensure that all the young people in our care are members of a learning community where they have access to a curriculum which meets their needs and prepares them for a fulfilling future.

To support our pupils we go into timetabled classes, extract individuals or groups, provide agreed support for assessments and SQA examinations and provide help with homework and study techniques.

The department provides:

  • Homework Club (Thursdays lunchtime in Melrose 1);
  • Intensive support in Melrose 1 (every day)
  • Paired Reading (during Tutor Time);
  • Nurture Group (everyday lunchtime in Melrose 1);
  • Shared Reading (in consultation with the Librarian);
  • Read Write Inc. Fresh Start in consultation with English Department;
  • Opportunities to gain SALTIRE awards;

  • Senior Phase (opportunities to visit college/ supported work experience/ help with college applications/ study techniques).
  • Parents are important partners in supporting their children’s learning. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this at Parents’ Nights or by personal contact.



We are actively involved in P7 transitions and we aim to make the Transition process as smooth as possible for all young people who will be joining us. To that end we work closely with our primary colleagues both in our cluster primary schools but also with colleagues across the city and beyond. Transition work begins in January and continues through to when the pupils finally join us in August.

To support pupils through P7 Transition one SFL teacher is allocated as link for each of our Cluster Primary Schools.  Identified staff will attend the allocated Primary School as appropriate and will liaise with the primary school colleagues on pupil transition. P7 pupils have also the opportunity to visit the school prior to start S1.

We care about every child and every aspect of their education.  We are acutely aware that every child has individual learning needs and that they should be offered an appropriately differentiated curriculum to take account of this. 


  • To know the pupils: a lot of time is devoted to finding out their strengths and their needs even before they reach the secondary school (P7 transitions);

  • To consult with and advise our colleagues about the pupils’ learning strengths and needs so that teaching methods and levels are appropriate;

  • To work alongside our colleagues in classes helping with the delivery of lessons and supporting pupils;

  • To work with small groups to address particular needs such as spelling, comprehension and basic Maths skills;

  • To adapt teaching materials to ensure that they are appropriate for all learning levels and styles;

  • To draw up Support Strategies/ABLe plans along with the pupils’ teachers to decide on learning targets which will ensure that support is there to enable progress to be made;

  • To work with our colleagues to identify the special arrangements needed for the SQA examinations to ensure that our pupils will be able to give a true demonstration of their knowledge, understanding and skills;

  • To work closely with other agencies e.g. Psychology Service, Bilingual Pupils’ Support Service, Speech and Language Therapy, Social Work.