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Modern Studies Department






Mr D Keenan (Principal Teacher)

Mr L Andrews

Modern Studies is the study of modern society at international, national and local levels. Throughout our courses as well as developing a knowledge of issues, we develop many key skills for learning, for work and for life.

Here's what we currently look at:

S1: Poverty in Scotland, Crime in Scotland

S2: Human Rights, Conflict and Terror

S3: The USA - immigration, society, social & economic issues, American political system

S4: National 3-5 - Crime & the Law, Democracy in Scotland, World Power- USA (revisit)

S5/6: N5 or Higher - World Power China, Social Issues: UK Inequality, Democracy in the UK

S6: Advanced Higher - Crime & Law (delivered in partnership with the city campus).

All of our courses are in the process of going online through Glow. Find us at:


You can get our twitter feed at: and you'll get our online homework and surveys at