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National 4 & 5 History

At National 4 and 5 in History we study the following courses:

For the Scottish course we either study:

Migration and Empire – looking at why people immigrated to Scotland and also why and where they Scots went abroad.


The Era of the First World War – looking at life in Scotland during the war, the trenches, and new technology

For the British course we either study:

Changing Britain 1760-1900 – looking at Health and Housing, Industry, Transport and Politics.


The Making of Modern Britain – looking at poverty at the turn of the twentieth century, The Liberal Reforms, The Changes made in Britain due to World War Two and the Labour Reforms 1945-51.


For the European and World course we either study:

Hitler and Nazi Germany 1919-1939 – looking at Weimar Germany, The Nazis rise to power, Nazis control in Germany and Nazis social and economic policies.


The Cold War- looking at The Reasons for the Cold War, Cold War Flash Points, The Vietnam War, Détente.