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Higher History

At Higher in History we study the following courses:

Paper One (Essay writing paper)

Britain & Scotland:

Issue 1- How and why did Britain become more democratic between 1867 and 1928?

Issue 2- Why did women gain the right to vote?

Issue 3- Why did the Liberal reforms happen?

Issue 4- How successful were the Liberal Reforms

Issue 5- How well did Labour deal with social problems after the Second World War?


Issue 1- Why did nationalism grow in the German states after 1815?

Issue 2- How much had German nationalism grown by 1850?

Issue 3- Why was unification so difficult to achieve between 1815and 1871?

Issue 4- Why was Germany united by 1871?

Issue 5-Why did the Nazis achieve power in 1933?

Issue 6-How did the Nazis maintain power in Germany between 1933 and 1939?



Paper Two (Source bases paper)

Migration and Empire – looking at why people immigrated to Scotland and also why and where they Scots went abroad

In this paper pupils study sources and use their skills they have been building upon since S1 to answer the following type of questions:

How fully does a source….

How useful is a source….

Comparing two sources