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S1 Geography Course Outline


Introduction to Geography - our initial lessons cover the following key aspects:

  • To know how important Geography is and it involves study of the world around us, current affairs, the environment, where people live, the economy and world problems.
  • To learn how to think about, discuss and display the images and understanding we have of the world around us.
  • To discuss and identify the physical/human Wonders of the World.   To locate them and annotate/illustrate a blank world map.
  • To establish techniques to find out if Scotland is connected to other places.
  • To display and analyse information to show whether Scotland is connected to other places.



  • To establish what Scotland’s physical landscape is like and how it was formed.
  • To establish what Scotland’s weather and climate is like.
  • To establish the reasons why visitors are attracted to Scotland.
  • To plan a 3 day trip for tourists visiting Scotland.   To present ideas for trip to the rest of the class.


Atlas and Mapskills

  • To learn to navigate the Atlas in order to find a variety of maps and information.
  • To learn the location of continents, oceans, countries and capital cities.
  • To explore a variety of UK maps to search for information about the Geography of the UK.
  • To be able to use Grid References to help us locate places.
  • To know how symbols can be used to represent places on maps.
  • To know directions.
  • To know how to measure direct and indirect distance on O.S. Maps.
  • To know how the relief of the land is shown on O.S. Maps.
  • To be able to draw cross-sections.


Developing Dundee

  • To research current development programmes taking place in Dundee, in particular the Waterfront Development.
  • Working in a group, design a new Development Opportunity in Dundee, taking into account issues such as location; environmental, economic and social impact. Present findings to rest of the class by communicating in ways appropriate to the task and audience