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Higher Chemistry


Higher Chemistry is designed to follow on from National 5 Chemistry and is suitable for learners who have achieved a good pass at National 5.

Higher Chemistry can provide direct entry to further education, though many University courses will prefer Advanced Higher Chemistry.

Nature's Chemistry and Chemistry In Society continue as full Units, while Chemical Changes & Structure  becomes a half-Unit. Researching Chemistry makes up the final half-Unit. More details about the course are available at the SQA website.

Learners will be taught for 5 periods a week. 


Very similar to that met at National 5.

As learners progress through the course they will cover certain 'Key Areas' and these will be assessed in the form of short Knowledge questions and 50% correct will be required to pass. Only two attempts are provided. Internally assessed.

At the same time, certain questions will test 4 Problem Solving skills :- SelectingProcessingPredicting and Analysing. Several attempts will be given and the learner only has to demonstrate success on one occasion. Internally assessed.

Learners will also have to demonstrate the ability to Plan and Carry out an Investigation. This will require them to produce a full report which must satisfy all the criteria set out by the SQA. They will, however, be provided with feedback and can redraft sections of their Report. Intenally assessed.

As part of the Researching Chemistry Unit, they will have to produce a 'Short Report' based on data gathered from Experimental work and from Research. Internally assessed.

They will also have to undertake an 'Added ValueAssignment. A  Report must be produced (under exam conditions) and will be submitted to SQA for external marking. A mark out of 20 will be awarded and will count towards their final Grade.

The intention will be to use the 'Short Report' as the basis for the Assignment.

Finally, there is an Exam worth 100 marks.

Organisation of Teaching

For all Topics, learners will be provided with sets of Notes to be completed. Included in these Notes will be Self-Check and Home Practice as well as Consolidation Questions

  • Home Practice Questions - these are 'short answer' questions designed to consolidate understanding and should be attempted within a day or two of completing a section.

  • Exam Practice Questions - these are SQA style Exam questions used at the end of a Topic and designed to help gain experience and prepare for Topic Tests.

    Homework & Study Time

    Though not excessive, there is a large workload involved in completing Higher Chemistry.  It is important that learners take responsibility for time management, though your teacher will regularly check to ensure that work is being completed.

    Suitable activities for work at home or during study classes include:

  • catching up with lessons missed

  • completing Notes

  • Home Practice questions

  • Consolidation questions

  • revision for Key Area Tests, Topic tests, Prelims etc

  • research activities for Investigation, Researching Chemistry & Assignment

  • preparation for Investigation Report

  • preparation for Researching Chemistry Report

  • preparation for Assignment Report