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Skills for Work National 5 Laboratory Science Overview

This course offers an alternative progression route for pupils not wishing to progress to National 5 Biology after completing National 4 or a course for pupils wishing to re visit their study of Science again in the senior phase.

National 5 Skills for Work: Laboratory Science is an introductory qualification. The Course provides a broad experiential introduction to laboratory science. Candidates will explore a variety of industries and services, and career opportunities, in science laboratories locally, nationally, and globally.

They will develop the basic practical skills and knowledge needed for working in a laboratory: measuring, weighing and preparing compounds and solutions; and health and safety requirements. Practical skills in microbiology, measuring radioactivity, chemical handling and laboratory instrumentation will be developed.

Candidates will work with others to produce a plan to undertake a practical investigation to test scientific hypotheses. This will also involve reporting of the results, conclusions and evaluations of the investigation.

Throughout all units the Course emphasises the employability skills and attitudes valued by employers which will help to prepare candidates for the workplace. Candidates will review their own employability skills, and will seek feedback from others on their strengths and weaknesses

There are 4 mandatory units which must be completed to achieve a pass at National 5 they are

1.Laboratory Science: Careers Using Laboratory Science

2.Laboratory Science: Careers Using Laboratory Science

3.Laboratory Science: Practical Skills

4.Laboratory Science: Practical Investigation

Our course also involves a 2 day Lab practical at Dundee University.

Course assessment structure

There is no external assessment for this Course. Learners must successfully complete each Unit to achieve the course award.

The Units are internally assessed by centres and externally verified by SQA. Our delivery of this course has been verified and passed by the SQA.