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Biology Department


Mrs A Clarke (Principal Teacher)

Miss L Donachie

Miss J Malone

Departmental Aims

Our main departmental aim is to use teaching methods and resources that allow all pupils to access Biology, to feel valued and to experience success and enjoyment in their learning. In doing so the department hope to achieve the following:

  • To maintain and stimulate pupil curiosity and interest in Biology
  • To enable pupils to understand the  rapidly expanding and varied scope of Biology encouraging a practical approach to problem solving
  • To develop a range of personal qualities such as determination, initiative, cooperation and independent learning.
  • To allow pupils to develop informed opinions and be able to support them by reasonable arguments.
  • To ensure pupils see the relevance of Biology to citizenship in modern society and their everyday lives

Courses available:
S3 - Level 4 Biology
S4 - National 3 Biology
S4 - National 4/5 Biology
S5/6 Lab Science

S5/6 Environmental Science
S5/6 - Higher Human Biology
S6 - Advanced Higher Biology


All pupils have textbooks to support them in their learning journey

Supported study for all pupils runs on Tuesday after school for 1 hour

Pupils are free to approach staff at break or lunchtime for help with homework