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St John’s Welcomes Three Foreign Language Assistants 2016

This year St John’s is delighted to welcome three foreign language assistants to work with us in the modern languages department. They are Arturo Corujo Hernández, Judith Eisenauer and Jean-Baptiste Léonidas. All three language assistants have a passion for learning languages, one which they are currently sharing with the pupils they are teaching in both the primary and secondary sectors.


Arturo comes from La Laguna in Tenerife where he has very much enjoyed studying English and creative writing. When he is not working with pupils in several schools across Dundee, he enjoys sports such as archery and cycling, as well as exploring the environment in which he is living while in Scotland. Arturo is also an accomplished guitarist, participating in a variety of musical events in Tenerife.




Judith comes from just outside Paris and has studied both English and Spanish, amongst a number of other subjects.  In her free time Judith enjoys craft work, drawing and singing. She is taking advantage of her time here to visit villages, towns and cities throughout Scotland, which she is eager to discover.



Jean-Baptiste, known to staff and pupils as JB, comes from La Rochelle, where he has studied English, Spanish and History.
JB has several hobbies, amongst which is a love of amateur dramatics, which has provided him with excellent training in speaking to and in front of a large group of people with confidence. He also likes to keep fit by pursuing sports such as swimming, something he has done for the last eight years, and cycling.