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Modern Languages Department





Mr S Snee  (Principal Teacher)

Miss N Millet

Mrs J McKinnon

Miss L Greif

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We live in an increasingly globalised world, in which the ability to communicate in languages other than English is becoming more and more important.  It is becoming essential that young people become confident users a modern language, well equipped with the skills needed in the new Europe and in the global marketplace.

Having a language qualification on your CV is a huge advantage but there are lots of other reasons why it’s useful:

Learning a language…

…improves your grasp of English.

…enhances your confidence.

…gives you a wider understanding of world affairs.

…widens your career / job options.

…improves international relations.

…makes travelling easier and more enjoyable.

…connects the world and promotes peace.                      

…helps you make friends in new countries.

…shows you are open minded and tolerant.

…boosts brain power.

At St John’s, we aim to develop in students the ability to understand and use languages effectively for practical communication. We promote independent learning, enjoyment of learning and using languages, and we introduce the culture of the countries where the language is spoken.

In the Modern Languages Department we offer French and Spanish from S1 to S6.

The approach to work in the Modern Languages department is topic based and it incorporates structural and grammatical exercises, as they arise from the course content. Homework is considered to be essential for consolidating material already covered in class, preparing for future lessons and developing independent work habits. We make full use of our audio-visual resources and equipment at all levels and we aim to incorporate the use of Information Technology into our teaching wherever possible.

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