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Mary Slessor Writing Competition

Mary Slessor Writing Competition

S2 pupils have been invited to submit entries. There will be 2 categories-fiction and non-fiction. This is to reflect the new school curriculum.  It enables equal importance to be given to fiction and non-fiction in the new exam structure and to equalise gender differences. Word limit 800 words.

The aims are:

  • To promote a wider awareness of Mary Slessor, her life, times and her accomplishments through a fictional narrative.

  • To honour a Dundee weaver who gave a powerful example of the impact women can make in adversity.

  • To provide a personal insight into Mary’s struggle to be accepted as a missionary. To highlight the culture and practices she faced in Calabar.

  • To inspire pride in the City of Dundee in the young people taking part in the competition.

The choice of genre will be left to the writers. Some pupils may wish to enter a play script, poetry, a fictional narrative, newspaper article or other forms as it suits individual styles and strengths.

Good luck to all our entrants!