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Bedrock Vocabulary

Did you know that children with wide vocabularies make excellent progress at school and in further education? We have invested in an innovative literacy improvement tool called Bedrock Vocabulary. The aims of the programme are:

1. To ensure students read aspirational fiction and non-fiction texts regularly.

2. To equip students with the deep vocabulary knowledge required for the increasingly demanding curriculum.

3. To build students’ confidence, cultural frame of reference and efficacy for life beyond the school gates.

All learners who fully engage with the programme will make statistically significant progress through learning very important academic vocabulary. We ask that all S1 pupils complete two short lessons (approximately 15-20 minutes each) online each week as part of their home learning. Your child’s English teacher will monitor this. Pupils can log in on any electronic device and computers will be available in the English department on several occasions throughout the school week.

Why not help your child to make even greater progress by logging on to see how they are getting on? You will be able see the vocabulary your child is learning, which we encourage you to use in conversation at home. As each post-test is completed, data will appear in the dashboard.

You can head over to the site and create your own account now. Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Enter the codes provided to you by the school and create an account.

A guide to using the Parent Dashboard is available by here