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University of Abertay 2014

University of Abertay
Food and Consumer Science
Taster Day

On Friday 14th March 2014, 16 Health and Food Technology pupils took part in a product development activity at the University of Abertay.


The brief was to individually create their own healthy fruit yogurts using different fruits, flavourings and sweeteners that the university had provided. The yogurt was to be suitable for sale in the school canteen at no more than 35p. Pupils were also asked to give it a fun name and a brief description for the label.

Choosing Ingredients


Developing a new yogurt


Experimenting with ingredients

Each group chose their favourite yogurt to go on to the next round of preference sensory analysis. The pupils rated each yogurt in accordance to flavour, texture, aroma and sweetness and then ranked them in order of their three top favourites.

Food Product Development


Sensory Testing

Making Decisions

The winning yogurt was called Sweet Sensation made by Jordan Leigh – Whyte and her group.