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Art and Design Department News


On Wednesday 6th September, seniors from the Art and Design department visited the DCA. The experience at the venue saw pupils working alongside others schools in the community of Dundee, analysing artworks and sharing their own responses on paintings both weird and wonderful. One of the seniors commented that the event “helped with new vocabulary and understanding how to talk about different artworks”, whilst another said the visit to Dundee Contemporary Arts on the Perth road “helped me learn how to describe and analyse paintings and design. This will help me in my final exam and make my responses more sophisticated”. Visiting the gallery space, pupils worked with and beside their peers, bringing back some exciting discussions about the artwork on display back to the classroom that afternoon.

Seniors can continue their practice (both practical and critical) in the department at lunchtimes and evening study support sessions.



P7 Transition in the Art Department



Up in the realms of the Art and Design department, visiting p7 pupils had the opportunity to use their imagination in an assortment of practical activities and creative writing tasks. Working together in groups, Pupils were encouraged to explore and experiment with collage, printmaking and paper layering to produce an animal, insect or environment.

The exciting and energetic collaboration, completed by 200 pupils, shows wonderful and experimental approaches that take place in the subject and currently has pride of place in the heart of St. John’s.

Slessor Gardens Mask Exhibition

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

One of the main events of the Heart Tay Heart week will be the mask exhibition in Slessor Gardens, starting Friday 21st April at 12 noon.

More than 150 young people from St John's RC High have created masks to show the many faces of mental health and their masks will become part of the exhibition which will be open to the public.


ASN 3/4 animal sculptures

From drawing, to three-dimensional sculptures, ASN 3/4 created models of their favourite animals using limited and recycled materials. Building on problem-solving skills and imaginative approaches to their creative practice, each pupil showed off their creative abilities in this unit.

2016-17 ASN S1/2-grow your own grass head.

Pupils took to using their creativity to create a characterised container. Learners made use of their green fingers to top off the project. Taking responsibility for looking after their plants by watering them every week, the pupils have started to become a bit competitive in the race for the maddest mane.

2016-17ASN S1/S2 Traditional mask-making.

A collection of the fantastic masks created and worn by ASN S1/2 pupils from the Art department. Using a variety of materials to create texture and colour in their masks, pupils took influence from animals such as birds and insects. The group were extremely proud of their masks which they took home to show off to their families.

2016-17 DCA Trip

In September, Senior pupils visited the DCA to engage with the exhibitions on display and learn how to critically analyse the artworks. Working in groups and alongside other schools from the city, pupils got a close look at printmaking, sculpture, painting and installation. The event proved successful as proven in the discussions in class the following day with these approaches to critical studies being the main focus for preparation of their written exam early next year.