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Individual Recognition

Kieran Freeman 3D1

Kieran Freeman age 13 has been selected to play for the Scotland under 15 National Team in Turkey.  Kieran will travel to Turkey with the squad on Saturday 15th February 2014, this is a fantastic achievement for Kieran.

Trip to Turkey with the Under 15 Squad

During my trip to Turkey with the Under 15 Squad I was given a number of tips about things like the amount of water I should drink to ensure I am hydrated, mannerism, professionalism and nutrition.  These are all things Jenks discusses with me regularly in his role as Elite Performance Coach.

Part of the programme was resting, I had to lie on my bed for a couple of hours every day, looking back this was beneficial.  Punctuality is also very important, for example arriving for meals and meetings 10 minutes before they are due to start.  I learnt a lot during the trip about the various areas of football including nutrition and resting. 

I was quite nervous before the game and into the first minute of it but as the game progressed I played close to my best.  It was a challenge playing in the heat and I had to adapt to ensure I conserved my energy.  This was a very good experience.