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The Curriculum

Junior Phase (S1-S3)

In S1/S3 pupils have followed a curriculum structured into eight learning areas, as shown in the diagram below:

The end of S3, however, marks the transition from a Broad General Education into the Senior Phase. 

Senior Phase (S4-S6)

In the Senior Phase of the curriculum (S4-S6), learners will in the main, be working towards the new National Qualifications.  These qualifications will include new qualifications at levels 1-5.  In S4 of the Senior Phase pupils will study six subjects in more depth.  Pupils are therefore asked to make choices at the end of S3 which reflect their interests and future aspirations. 

In addition to the six subjects each pupil in S4 will also study:


  • Physical Education (2 periods a week).
  • Personal and Social Education (1 period a week).
  • Religious Education (2 periods a week)