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New Qualification Framework

Which National Qualifications will S4 learners sit in session 2013/2014?

The majority of learners will be studying courses from National 3 up to National 5.  The table below illustrates the New Qualifications which have replaced our current qualification framework:


SCQF Level

New National Qualifications


Current National Qualifications

1 and 2

National 1 and National 2

Access 1 and Access 2


National 3

Access 3
Standard Grade (Foundation level)


National 4

Standard Grade (General level)
Intermediate 1


National 5

Standard Grade (Credit level)
Intermediate 2


Higher (new)



Advanced Higher (new)

Advanced Higher

How will the New Qualifications be Assessed?

Teachers will assess the new Courses and Units at National 1 to National 4. SQA will undertake rigorous quality assurance procedures. There are no external examinations at these levels. 

Courses at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher levels will include work that is assessed by teachers, but learners will also have to pass a course assessment for these qualifications.  Usually this will be a question paper and/or coursework.  This will be marked by S.Q.A.

How will the New Qualifications be graded?

The units that make up courses will contain work that is assessed and marked throughout the year by teachers.  These Units will be assessed as pass or fail in all National Qualifications.

Courses at National 2, National 3 and National 4 will not be graded.  They will be assessed as pass or fail.  Courses at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher will be graded A to D

or “No Award”.  If a learner fails a course assessment, they will receive credit for the units they have achieved at that level.