Construction - Level 4

Programme Title: Construction

SCQF Level: 4
Qualification Description: Skills for Work Construction Crafts

Start Date: June 2014                                End Date: May 2015

Day/Time: on both Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2pm – 4pm

Course Outline/Description:

Skills for Work Construction Crafts
The Course contains practical construction crafts Units in six important construction trades. It is especially suitable for candidates with an aptitude for and an interest in practical crafts work. Candidates will learn a variety of skills in the trades-specific Units. In addition, they will develop skills and attitudes that enhance employability, not just in the construction industry, but in employment generally.

Semester 1

Unit/s to be completed:

Painting & Decorating: In this Unit candidates are required to carry out painter work tasks with purely water-borne paints. This will include a proprietary two-coat system.

Bricklaying: In this Unit candidates are required to set out and build short lengths of half-brick thick wall to given drawings and to prescribed standards and tolerances.

Joinery: In this Unit candidates are required to carry out small-scale tasks in both first-fix and second-fix joinery. They will learn skills in measurement, cutting and fixing of timbers and sheet materials.

Employability: In the Employability Skills Unit, candidates will carry out self-evaluation on a range of skills, review their progress and identify action points.

Semester 2

Unit/s to be completed:

Plastering: In this Unit candidates are required to work with a range of plastering equipment and materials and will be required to apply plaster to walls and manufacture plaster mouldings.

Painting & Decorating: In this Unit candidates are required to produce decorative finishes involving the use of brushes and rollers as well as stenciling

Plumbing: In this Unit candidates are required to cut, assemble and join plastic pipework in accordance with given drawings using proprietary bends and tee-pieces.

Electrical Installation: In this Unit candidates are required to wire up and connect a number of different fittings.

Assessment Method for each of the Listed Units for this programme:

Assessment in this Course will be based on a range of practical workshop activities, supported by assessor observation checklists and candidate self-checking of quality.

Describe how the pupils will be encouraged to develop Skills for Learning, Skills for Life and Skills for Work:

The units within this course will allow students to improve their practical skills and allows them to develop their problem solving skills that will help them be successful. Success depends upon learners shown commitment and a wiliness to learning new skills and techniques and attend all class on time and with the correct PPE ready to carry out all workshop activities.

Students are actively involved in all practical activities and contribute to workshop activities and part of group also work as part of team which will improve their social and communication skills and increase their self-esteem.

Students to be respectful to college staff and fellow students and comply with all health & safety during college activities.

If there are opportunities within this programme to progress, please describe them below:

This Course or its Units may provide candidates with opportunities to progress to:

NPA Construction

NPA  Painting & Decorating

NPA Carpentry & Joinery

Modern Apprenticeship within the Construction Industry