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Business Management

Business Management

Course Level:  National 4

Business is a growing sector which offers wide-ranging employment opportunities.  The skills learned in Business can be applied not only in employment but also in other walks of life and learners will also develop skills in a range of ICT applications.  

The Business Management course consists of 3 units:

Business in Action

Learners will carry out activities that will give them an appreciation of how and why businesses develop and operate in society.  They will develop skills and knowledge relating to business  by exploring marketing, finance, operations and human resources.

Influences on Business

Learners will carry out activities to gain an appreciation of the impact that internal and external influences have on decision making.  By investigating stakeholder influences and the financial, economic, competitive and social environments they will understand why businesses survive and succeed.

Added Value Unit: Business Assignment

Learners will use the knowledge, understanding and skills developed in the other two units to prepare a simple business proposal for an aspect of a new small business.  This unit will give pupils the opportunity to develop their ICT skills and will help them to become confident in the use of business software.

Course Level:  National 5

This course combines practical and theoretical aspects of Business Management.  Learners will develop a wide range of skills for learning, life and work through active learning in real-life contexts.

The Business Management course consists of 3 units:

Understanding Business

Learners will be introduced to the business environment and will carry out activities relating to the role of business and entrepreneurship in society.  They will explore issues relating to the environment in which organisations operate and their effects on organisational activity, decision-making and survival.

Management of People and Finance

Learners will be introduced to Human Resources and Finance and will complete activities to demonstrate their understanding of how to manage people and finance in order to contribute to business success. 

Management of Marketing and Operations

Learners will be introduced to Marketing and Operations.  They will develop an understanding of how marketing can be used to enhance competitiveness and will be introduced to the processes organisations use in order to maintain quality and competitiveness.

In order to gain the National 5 Business Management course award the learner must pass all of the above units and also the external course assessment.

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