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Introduction - Curriculum for Excellence

Curriculum for Excellence has been running in Scottish secondary schools since 2010 and has brought a new way of learning into schools, equipping learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to succeed in the 21st Century.   This fresh approach to learning has required new assessment methods and qualifications to be developed by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

This guide has been introduced for pupils, parents and carers to support the options process S3 pupils are currently undertaking based on the introduction of the New Qualification Framework.  The new qualifications, which are known as “Nationals”, have been developed to support Curriculum for Excellence.  Changes are also being made to our Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications.  Pupils will sit new Highers in June 2015  and the new Advanced Highers in June 2016. 

In Section One of this section you will find information about the options available to pupils along with guidance about the procedures to be followed when choosing subjects and details regarding the New Qualification Framework.  This section also provides guidance on where you can access more information.

In Section Two you will find information regarding the courses on offer within Departments, with a brief description of the course content at National 4 and 5 levels.