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3 September 2014



Wednesday 3 September 2014


Present:  S Ansquer (Chair);P Herron; A Houghton; F McHugh; D Keenan; F Taylor;  F McLagan

Apologies:  Cllr Bowes’ J  Low, M McFarlane


  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  3. Election of Office Bearers
  4. SQA Results
  5. Staffing
  6. Extended Review
  7. AOCB


2.  Minutes of Previous




There is to be a Seminar in September for Study Leave.  Information will be taken from surveys of staff and pupils and from Parents’ feedback.

Margaret McFarlane has resigned as the Church representative on the Parent Council.   A replacement will be nominated by the Church.  The Chairperson is to send a card to thank Margaret for her service to the school community.


3.  Office Bearers

S Ansquer to remain as Chair and P Herron as Secretary.  Discussion followed re number of meetings the Chairperson is required to attend and it was agreed that if possible other members of the Council would attend some of the meetings as a school representative.


SQA results.   School/ Staff are happy with results.

Although the National 5 cannot be compared to SG they results have held up.   Some pupils got 6As.

There are some issues with National 3  for pupils who do not attend.

The numbers of pupils who gained 5+ Highers are up as were the Advanced Higher results.

There has been an improvement in conversion of those who got Credit passes into Higher passes.

Across the board there is an improvement in the quality of the passes.


All subjects are now offering the new Higher (Nat 6).


Mrs McLagan thanked the parents for their support of the young people and staff in helping them do well in exams.


Added Value Units.   Departments are looking at dates for doing these.   This year there are only 2 Internal Verifications.



There are 3 NQTs in CDT, Chemistry and Business Studies

There are 3 Maternity Cover Posts

New Staff in Maths, Art.  Mr Black is acting DHT as Mrs Carolan is working reduced hours.   Mr JP Cecil is acting PT RE.

There are vacancies in English, PT Modern Languages and HE.


Extended Review

Monday 22nd September 2014.

Draft programme is prepared.

There is a Parent Focus Group on Tuesday 23rd September at 5.30pm.  Members of Parent Council were asked to participate in this.

The Extended Review will last 3 days and the team will visit approximately 50 classes.

They will also meet with groups of pupils in S1-S3, S4 – 6.  They will meet with students studying Nat 5 & Nat 6, Nat 4.

They will meet with staff Focus Groups, Respect, Interact and Hope Groups.

The School Improvement Plan is up to date and Departmental evidence is all in place.


Head Teacher’s Comments


There is to be new kitchen installed in HE over the October holidays although work will start in last week of term.


Parent’s Questions

There was a query on the Dartington Survey and the wording of some of the questions.   Mrs McLagan advised that the parents could have opted out. Discussion ensued and some parents advised that they had simply told their child not to answer questions they were unsure about.


Date and Time of Next Meeting

Dates for next meetings:


Tues 11 November

Wed 4 February

Wed 20 May